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Levitra Soft Tabs 

Strength(S) :20mg

Levitra Soft Tabs

Levitra Generic, a medication approved by Food and Drug Administration, is used to treat both simple and complex erectile dysfunction in men.  Precaution should be maintained while buying the drug as it is Read More..

Levitra Soft Tabs : 20mg

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Levitra Generic, a medication approved by Food and Drug Administration, is used to treat both simple and complex erectile dysfunction in men.  Precaution should be maintained while buying the drug as it is closely associated with reproductive organs of a man. Levitra is a prescription drug and can be bought only with a prescription, if you wanted to buy Levitra without prescription, you can email us the prescription sheet. 

How does Levitra Generic work? 

The route of administration is oral and no other route should be followed. Levitra works by helping the blood flow freely to the reproductive organs during erection. With continuous blood flow, the erection lasts long and delivering an awesome performance for hours. The point to be noted is that the drug is not used to treat impotency but is used to treat erectile dysfunction alone. So if you do not have an erection, Levitra is not recommended for you. 

Levitra Generic is one of the predominantly used erectile dysfunction drug that is familiar among individuals who are from suffering ED.  The drug should be taken half an hour before sexual intercourse, as the drug should be provided necessary time to work, meanwhile you can foreplay with your partner.  This is how the drug exactly works.

The chemical components relaxes the muscles in the penis 

Increases the blood flow in the cavity’s base 

Helps in prolonged erection 

Works in tandem with sensual stimulation 

Erection maintained throughout the intercourse

Who to take or when to take Levitra

Take Levitra Generic as suggested by the doctor. A dosage guide is available with the package when you buy Levitra online from us. The drug should be taken half an hour in prior before sexual intercourse.  This medical magic formulation works on men from all age group and aids in dealing with almost all sexual issues. With heightened performance, men have lived a wonderful life and excelling professionally too. 

Where do you buy Levitra Generic online? 

Levitra Generic is manufactured worldwide with precisely the same active ingredients and delivered the same quality as that Levitra Brand and the desired outcome. Get Levitra Generic which is cheaper than Levitra Brand. It is known that the generic manufacturers do not have to pay for the patent. They are allowed to manufacture the same in different color and form. You can buy Levitra Generic Online from various sites at amazing prices and discounts. 

Recommended dosage for Levitra Generic 

This magic pill comes as a tablet containing 20 mg or vardenafil HCl that has to takee by orally. As per medical recommendation, each patient can start by having Levitra Generic with 10 mg dose. It should be taken 30 - 60 minutes prior to the intercourse. It can be taken with some food or even empty stomach. Remember that this drug will work, if given proper sexual stimulation. Take this medical formulation, only once in a day. In case of missing out on a dose then take one, when you recollect. Don’t take two doses in a day, as this may cause possible harm to the body. 

What are the precautions that need to be taken? 

If your experience erection longer than four hours (priapism), just consult a doctor straight away. Treatment should not be postponed more than six hours of time, as this can cause harm the erectile tissue in the penis and cause irreparable erectile dysfunction.

Please note this medication may cause dizziness and visual disorders. Ensure you are attentive of your reactions to this medicine prior to driving or operating machinery.

This is important to notice that drinking alcohol can augment certain side effects of Levitra Generic 

Avoid grapefruit or its juice, as it may interfere with the medication.

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