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About Us

Totalpills is an extremely reliable online pharmacy market place where we allow Brick and Mortar Pharmacies with appropriate license to sell, exhibit, offer sale or export genuine prescription, over-the-counter generic and branded medicines. The health products are specifically procured from renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Eli-Lily, Sun Pharmaceuticals, Ajanta, Cipla, Intas etc.

Our aim is only one and that is to provide affordable health care products to everyone, whose life we can touch by reaching them and providing them necessary health products required at affordable prices.

Why choose Totalpills?

                                      Cure with Care and Concern boasts on a host of factors from prompt delivery to selling of genuine products. We are immensely concerned about the health of our customers and take due efforts in getting the best medication to them with care and concern. lays major emphasis of availability of universal quality medication to everyone.

                                      Beat the ill with our wellness products

The pills we sell provide medication to a diverse range of physical problems normally an individual is associated with. We constantly update our repository with pills produced through latest advances in the scientific world as we wish our customers should avail the best cure possible through online portals. The pills sold through our website have been scrupulously verified for the veracity of the ingredients that go into making and provide remedy with optimum value for money.

                                  Offering Health in its Totality

Holistic medication coupled with a complete array for overall wellbeing of the customers is one of the salient features of our ecommerce portal. offers a complete set of solutions for health issues with our effective pills. 

                                     Authentic pills at economical prices

The pills listed in our website are FDA approved drugs and can be purchased at one of the most effective prices favoring the customers. They can also to a greater extent take advantage of the seamless transaction, lower prices, thereby resulting in the realization of our noble intention of taking medication within the reach for the masses. Affordability is one of the foremost factors with which is more concerned about though itself being a commercial entity.


                                  Purchase Pills at your Convenience 

The customers are at complete liberty to conveniently purchase our pills for a whole range of health issues encountered in daily life. Our highly trained teams of professionals provide support through chat, email and over the phone. You are most welcome to have your queries clarified with top priority in the shortest turnaround time.


                                                                          Your Health is Our Wealth

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